Possible Classification of Cybersecurity Penetration Test


Nowadays, there is a lot to hear about the issue of cyber protection. Generally, everyone seeks to secure their IT and communication systems. Efforts include examining and verifying such systems. One of the aggressive control forms is the Cyber Security penetration test. Many people only identify hacking, though your test is much more than that. In order to understand the multiplicity of the test we need to be aware of the key concepts and test-related features.

In this publication, the penetration test aims to present a possible classification that has been made by analyzing international standards.
The work was created in commission of the National University of Public Service under the priority project KÖFOP-2.1.2-VEKOP-15-2016-00001 titled „Public Service Development Establishing Good Governance".


cybersecurity cyber protection IT communication

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Paráda, I. (2018). Possible Classification of Cybersecurity Penetration Test. Hadmérnök, 13(4), 329–339. Elérés forrás https://folyoirat.ludovika.hu/index.php/hadmernok/article/view/3699