Dividing of Controlled Area in Nuclear Power Plants


In Hungary due to the changes in the radiation protection authority's duties the revision of the legislation has been started. In this context a new decree has been entered into force and the existing legislation has been amended. The existing domestic legislation does not classify the controlled area from the aspect of radiation protection. However, there are requirements in international recommendations as well as practices applied by individual countries. This difference is based on the use of different reactor types and on the different cultures of each nation.
In our country, the review of the practices can be a major role in the planned nuclear power plant expansion. According to the current plans, two Russian-designed, pressurized water blocks are being built, so before submitting the plans the reviewing of the practices used may be worth.
The purpose of the article is to show the different zones, that is, the division of the territories. This can help in revising the plans, as well as in the development of laws or official guidance.


radiation protection controlled area NPP

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Csurgai, J., Sebestyén, Z., & Solymosi, J. (2018). Dividing of Controlled Area in Nuclear Power Plants. Hadmérnök, 13(4), 171–183. Elérés forrás https://folyoirat.ludovika.hu/index.php/hadmernok/article/view/3620