Life Cycle of Military Technology Equipment – The Hungarian Practise


This paper presents Hungarian research and development (R&D) practices through the entire life cycle of military technology equipment in general. The publication reviews the processes from the emergence of an idea to the withdrawal phase and points out their essence. During the lifetime of military equipment there are important milestones preceding the decision for acceptance for service followed by deployment in service. In this article the authors’ engineering considerations emphasize that some terminologies may change over the years, but the milestones and phases have to follow each other by a strict and logical order during the life cycle of new equipment beginning from concept through retirement. This publication can significantly help teaching in English-language training programs (BSc, MSc, PhD).


Research & Development (R&D) lifecycle military technology acquisition quality assurance

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Gyulai, G., & Kende, G. (2018). Life Cycle of Military Technology Equipment – The Hungarian Practise. Hadmérnök, 13(4), 67–74. Elérés forrás