Preliminary Analysis of the Palic Ludas Catchment

doi: 10.32567/hm.2019.2.17


This paper presents the results of a preliminary analysis of Palic-Ludas catchment area near the town of Subotica in Serbia. With the aim of improving environmental situation of the considered catchment, the authors started by conducting a detailed investigation of the current situation of this area. The examination focused on obtaining and evaluating existing data in order to derive some conclusion about the present status of this catchment. This paper offers a description of the important water bodies on Palic-Luda catchment, while including the most influential hydraulic structures. After evaluating the gathered data, a basic water budget model ofPalic-Ludas lake system was constructed. The model included all the main water budget elements, the outflow from the sewage treatment plant into Lake Palic, precipitation, evaporation as well as the ground water interflow. After conducting a one year simulation the results were assessed and the influence of each component of the water budget was examined.


Palic Ludas catchment hydraulic and water quality data numerical model water budget

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Horvat, M., Horvat, Z., Koch, D., & Majer, F. (2019). Preliminary Analysis of the Palic Ludas Catchment. Hadmérnök, 14(2), 202–212.