Experiments with Small Size Shaped Charges

doi: 10.32567/hm.2019.2.8


This paper describes the research on testing of small size point focal shaped charges. They were manufactured from composite-B, Semtex and pressed RDX, and binary explosives. As the liner and the whole structure of the charges were identical the mild steel penetration test was a clear method for comparing and quantifying their performance. The target setup was also standardized with different steel discs. During testing I realized that it was a practical development tool, to find a proper mixture for binary explosives. Since most of the shaped charge literature related to their evaluation, I wanted to have a simple, yet productive performance testing method that suited more to practical field works.


melt cast ecplosives shaped charge penetration test binary explosives

Hogyan kell idézni

Kugyela, L. (2019). Experiments with Small Size Shaped Charges. Hadmérnök, 14(2), 99–110. https://doi.org/10.32567/hm.2019.2.8