Cluster Analysis of Multicriteria-Classified Wheeled Armored Vehicles

doi: 10.32567/hm.2019.2.2


Cluster analysis was performed on the data representing the defense of 32 wheeled armored vehicles based on a Multi Criteria Decision Support model. The number of clusters was determined by nonhierarchical clustering, while the vehicles were assigned to a cluster by non‑hierarchical clustering. The number of clusters are either three or eight. For three assumed clusters, the BTR‑type, the equipment designed before and after 2000 were grouped together, while for eight assumed clusters, these groups split into subgroups. Each subgroup consist of vehicles with similar defense, while the distinction between the subgroups could be made on the basis of modernization, the evolution of defense techniques in time.


clustering cluster analysis k-means GAIA wheeled armored vehicle

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Tóth, B., & Gávay, G. V. (2019). Cluster Analysis of Multicriteria-Classified Wheeled Armored Vehicles. Hadmérnök, 14(2), 21–33.