Crisis Management

doi: 10.32567/hm.2019.1.27


The security professionals are always talking about Emergency Plan, Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Response, Crisis Management, Crisis Management Plan, Business Continuity Management, Business Continuity Plan. etc. That is a question which
comes to my mind do we know exactly what these phrases meanings are?

My experiences show, usually we have different interpretations on the above mentioned expressions. Briefly we need to have an Emergency Plan to provide our Emergency Preparedness and to be able to take our Emergency Responses in case of a real Emergency situation. If we were able to eliminate the Emergency situation the problem
has been solved. If we had no success the Emergency can be develop a crisis situation which we need to manage by the Crisis Management Plan. As we are over the crisis we need to adopt our Business Continuity Plan to be able to manage our continuous operation
or production.

The aim of this study to providea useful tool or set up for security leaders on Crisis Management which is a clear security task and not as like Emergency Preparedness which is related to safety organization as Business Continuity is connected to each business functions.


security emergency plan crisis business continuity

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Zólyomi, Z. (2019). Crisis Management. Hadmérnök, 14(1), 352–370.