Modern, Blockchain-Based Fire Protection Solutions through In-School Security Cameras

doi: 10.32567/hm.2020.4.1


Today’s modern camera systems possess numerous analytic functions, such as face detection, headcount,  or thermal detection. In order to  increase the security, however, the further  development of these features is recommended, in  the best interest of fire protection. The present article  discusses the introduction of a camera system  which would be capable of determining the  students’ whereabouts within the premises in an  automated way. Thus, the system has to be able to  determine who, when, and where is located within  the premises of the educational institution in question. This could provide useful information in  case of a fire within the institution. Thereby, the  security service or rescue teams could determine the  exact location of the students – even by name – and  their number, and they could rescue the students  stuck inside more easily. Furthermore, the storage of  the video footage is most frequently saved in  ‘traditional’ clouds, whereas the solutions based on decentralised clouds provide greater security. The aim of the research is to introduce a solution for fire protection, based on a security camera system which  is considered an outstanding development nowadays. 


blockchain fire protection security camera

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Bálint, K. (2021). Modern, Blockchain-Based Fire Protection Solutions through In-School Security Cameras. Hadmérnök, 15(4), 5–14.