Evolution of the C-IED Staff Officers Course

doi: 10.32567/hm.2019.1.6


At the beginning of the XXI century the Countering Improvised Explosive Devices (CIED) tasks became very important in NATO missions. Every C-IED related mission is connected to the three essential C-IED pillars (Attack the Networks, Defeat the Device and Prepare the Force). Since 2010; when the CIED COE was established in Madrid, Spain; CIED COE has taken on a significant role in the NATO’s C-IED Education & Training activities. One of its main tasks is to prepare, provide, run and lead different C-IED courses. The C-IED staff course is a very important part in the C-IED education and training landscape.
This kind of staff course evolution and development is always based on the current IED threat and the NATO requirements. Updating the existing course materials and lectures or developing brand new courses are significant issues for which, over the past few years, the C-IED COE has been recognized, even to the point of taking over these responsibilities to support NATO, Allied and partner nations.


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Tábi, L. (2019). Evolution of the C-IED Staff Officers Course. Hadmérnök, 14(1), 61–71. https://doi.org/10.32567/hm.2019.1.6