Road Profile Modelling Based on Measurement for Fire Truck Simulation

doi: 10.32562/mkk.2023.4.9


The unevenness of the road reduces the life of the vehicle’s suspensions, and the resulting harmful vibrations can also lead to the failure of other structures. In case of special superstructures like fire trucks, valuable firefighting equipment can also be damaged. Since there is little available literature dealing with the vibrations generated during the use of firefighting vehicles, in this research work a real road profile based on data from geodetic measurements was generated for numerical simulation. The suspension of the vehicle taking into account the parameters of a heavy-duty firefighting vehicle was also modelled, and then the effects of road failures using computer simulation were investigated. The road profile was implemented in the simulations with spline polynomials and the fire truck was simulated as a full vehicle model. The aim of the research is to compare the achieved simulation results with data from other vehicle research studies, thereby achieving more accurate results that can also be applied in practice, contributing to vehicle design and safe operation.


road profile generation road profile measurement fire truck numerical simulation vibration


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