Physical Aptitude Testing in Practice within the Admission Procedures of Staffs of Armed and Law Enforcement Agencies


Those joining defence and law enforcement forces choose a special profession, which already manifests during the selection and admission procedures. The present scientific publication analyses the rules of procedure and practical application of preliminary physical aptitude testing. Nowadays, special regulations govern those serving within the career forces of law enforcement agencies, the army, and finance guards within the career staffs of the National Tax and Finance Guard Agency. The exercises do not reflect either the specificities of the particular career or the complex approach to aptitude. Thus, preparedness for the physical aptitude testing do not serve the development of physical conditional competences required for the execution of day-to-day tasks by career forces directly. The present publication describes possible alternative offering an even more accurate picture of the physical and health condition of career staffs in the course of selection.


aptitude testing physical condition testing age group motion forms evaluation