Basic Risk Assessment of Nuclear Power Plants

doi: 10.32562/mkk.2021.1.7


Nuclear power plants are classified as highly important and dangerous facilities. Therefore, in addition to the directives  for dangerous establishments, they also have to adhere to  further special criteria. This article investigates those  essential security factors which are designed to ensure  nuclear safety. It is very important that the operation of a  nuclear power plant is covered from every professional aspect for the sake of nuclear safety. To demonstrate this,  various risk factors will be paired with the operational  status of the facility. This relates to the fact that the  operation of the Hungarian nuclear facility is primarily  governed by the Nuclear Safety Manual. Current legislation  contains all those important safety precautions which are in  accordance with all the highly critical systems of the  nuclear facilities that are in operation today. It also includes international recommendations and their relevant points. 


nuclear power plant/station reactor nuclear facility operation safety