Characteristics of Roads Approaching Flood Protection Dikes, Factors Affecting Their Use, Main Problems and Challenges of Their Reconstruction

doi: 10.32562/mkk.2020.2.3


In recent decades, a significant number of extreme-level flood waves have occurred in Hungary. In order to prevent and reduce flood damage, several intervention works have been carried out by organisations involved in flood protection. During these works the protective materials (sand, sacks, planks, stakes, and so on), human labor, heavy machinery and other equipment were transported along the flood protection dikes many times. These approaching routes have different pavements, bearing capacity and ownership, which make their use difficult. In this article, the author presents 
the typical features of these routes, the characteristics of their usage and its technical consequences, and also the reconstruction tasks needed following the flood protection works. The author made cost and price analysis for the reconstruction of different types of approaching routes and dike crown roads based on data collected from the operation area of the Middle-Tisza District Water Directorate (KÖTIVIZIG). 


flood protection damage control reconstruction approach route