Possibilities and Dangers of the Use of Digital (VR, AR) Devices in the Training System of the Defence Personnel

doi: 10.32562/mkk.2020.2.10


Modernising the methods of adult education is an essential issue not only because of the generational change and the pertaining transformation of its learning style, but also because of the current digital changes and the reduction in costs and efficiency gains. In the civil sector, this change has already started, but the use of modern procedures and digital tools in education and training in the defence sector is just as important. Effectiveness and security depend not only from indicators known in the civil sphere, but also from a number of other conditions, due to a much more complex system. Due to the digital nature of modern training solutions and tools, it is also important to look at the issue of cyberspace security separately before future application and deployment. The author will review the development potential of the defence bodies’ training system in IT tools. This study also analyses the use of modern procedures and digital devices, such as augmented reality and virtual reality goggles, and what potential security issues are raised during training. 


disaster management fire department training training digitisation cybersecurity augmented reality virtual reality