Review of Wind Turbine Failures, Highlighting Fire Accidents

doi: 10.32562/mkk.2020.2.4


Modern military doctrines are increasingly emphasising the ability to autonomously use the capabilities supported by military infrastructure networks. Therefore, in the theatres of military operations, the temporary facilities should provide their own increasing energy needs. Military energetic engineers are increasingly exploring the technical solutions of energy production in camp environments. In this article, not taking into consideration traditional fossil fuel technology, we concentrate on the renewable energy sources, especially the wind turbines. The wind energy utilisation can be a good solution for mobility and environmental aspects: released harmful material and noise level are lower than in the case of industrial generators. However, the technical safety of wind power plants requires improvement of human, environmental and fire safety. In this article, we will scope the wind turbine failures and highlight the fire accidents and the protection against them. 


energy energy safety fire maintenance smoke detector wind turbine