Firefighting Problems in Case of Large Outdoor Fires


Humanity has been using the fire since ancient times, so people have come to know the favourable and dangerous factors of fire. Outdoor fires are one of the most typical natural disasters in the world. In some cases, outdoor fires can endanger human life and material goods and it means a major challenge of the disaster management. As a result of global climate change, extremely dry weather factors provide more options for the vegetation to ignite. When writing the paper, it was important to analyse and study the relevant literatures of the topic, and the related data collection. In addition, it is important to mention the personal consultations with various experts, and the personal experiences of the author on the subject. As a result of the paper, the problems of large outdoor fires can be determined, in particular with the logistic and organizational difficulties. In addition, the author suggests reducing the logistical difficulties for more effective firefighting. The effective firefighting results significant savings to the national economy.


outdoor fire vegetation statistic logistic difficulties organizational difficulties