Pro Publico Bono – Journal for Understanding Societies is a three-monthly peer-reviewed journal funded by the University of Public Service, Budapest and published by the Ludovika University Press. It covers researches based on public law, theory of state, social and political sciences and interdisciplinary approach. Having learnt from past experience, it explores future alternatives for fostering sustainable and innovative societies, good governance and for strengthening nation states, as well as the European and Transatlantic cooperation, facing social, political, technological, ecological and cultural disruption in the increasingly complex, volatile, uncertain and ambiguous 21st Century.

The primary objective of the journal is to become an international platform of the highest scientific and professional debate. The international scientific forum is open to high quality scientific publications from worldwide resources, to professional discourses, including a synthesis of scientific opinions and comparative research. As indicated by its title, the journal would focus on sustainable and innovative societies, good governance and building nation states.

In terms of its topics and content, the journal would be primarily theoretical but would also leave room to analytical works on social sciences and jurisprudence as well as professional forums and book reviews.

Contributions can be submitted through the Open Journal System of the University of Public Service, which is accessible via the following link

See the detailed information on publication guidelines, attached to this call for papers which can be found at



Prof. Dr. Norbert KIS

Editor in chief