Public Governance, Administration and Finances

About journal

The journal’s upmost aim is to become both a top quartile international journal and, based on its CEE collaboration, a dominant scholarly forum for the concerned disciplines; a forum which is open to high-quality scientific publications, professional discourse and discussion, synthesising scientific opinions, and comparative researches coming from all over the world. Although the journal is international, some special emphasis is being placed on the development and strengthening of the scientific, educational and research relations of the Visegrád countries. From a thematical and topical perspective, the journal contributes mainly to the theoretically and scientific discussion, at the same time, it is equally open to case-studies and analyses, scientific forums, discussions about public policy and book reviews. As the journal’s title indicates, it operates as a journal of public administration, governance, administrative and financial law. It covers the areas of public governance, public services (together with their organisation), public policy, public management and financial law, especially public finances, economical management and economic competition.

Current Issue

4. Volume, 2. Number | 2019